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Capturing Moments Forever

Why Us?

VHS are extremely fragile. They are subject to heat damage, accidental erasing due to magnets, and quality loss from VCR machines. When VHS are converted, the information is stored in a different format that holds quality and is durable. Our conversions take between 2-3 weeks, rather than other services which can take upwards of 3-4 months.


1. Send your items

After checkout, pack up your VHS and deliver it to us! We will then provide an address to send in or deliver your items. Make sure to box your memories with care in order to keep them safe in transport.

2. We convert it

At Memories Revived, we convert each individual VHS by hand. The digital file can then be added on a USB or DVD. 

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3. Get it back

We will contact you when your items are ready. From there, we can ship it to you or have you pick it up! 


Product Features

6 Full Hours

Up to six hours of one tape onto DVD or digital files.


For best quality, each tape is provided its own disc, one to one.

Full Resolution

We preserve videos at the original resolution, with no quality loss.

Cole Marschke, IA

“It was so fun seeing our wedding video...not so fun having my children laugh at me. My after high school trip to Germany is now revived. So easy to watch digitally or on DVD.."

Arnie Samolinski, IA

"Memories Revived helped me convert my old videos and memories. The process was super easy, and everyone was so nice."

Lisa Driver, IA

“Five out of five stars. Amazing quality and easy to work with.”


Memories Revived has perfected the art of preserving memories. Our dedication to top-notch products, exceptional services, and unparalleled customer support has made us a trusted choice in the Clear Lake community. We are constantly evolving to better serve the local area. Contact us today to see how Memories Revived can make a difference in your life.

Get in Touch

We are here to help answer any questions you may have! 

Clear Lake, IA 50428


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